“I’m bored.”

“I’M BORED!!!!!.” *sigh*

We get it. Winter can be a tough season for kids. With the cold weather and short days, it’s easy for them to feel cooped up and bored. But with a little creativity, there are plenty of fun and engaging art activities that can help keep them entertained and engaged throughout the winter months. 

One great activity is to create snowflake art. All you need is some white paper, scissors, and a little imagination. Encourage kids to experiment with different shapes and sizes of snowflakes, and to use different colors and textures to create unique and interesting designs. You can even hang the finished snowflakes in the windows to add a touch of winter cheer to your home!

Another fun activity for kids of all ages is to make winter-themed collages. Gather up old magazines, newspapers, and other materials, and encourage kids to cut out images and words that remind them of winter. They can then arrange these items on blank paper to create their personalized winter scene. This activity is great for building fine motor skills and encouraging creativity and imagination. 

For younger kids, finger painting can be a great way to explore the colors and textures of winter. Provide them with a variety of different paints and let them experiment with different patterns and designs. You can even use white paint to create snowflakes or snowmen on a dark blue background. OOOOH! What about DIY-scented playdough? Little people NEED playdough. Try this recipe for “winter-scented” playdough and check out more by going here.


1 cup white flour.

1/2 cup salt.

2 Tablespoons cream of tartar (found in the spice aisle)

1 Tablespoon vegetable oil.

1 cup water.

A few drops of pine, rosemary, or other wintery scent. Add more for a stronger scent if desired.

If your kids enjoy drawing, you can encourage them to create their winter-themed comic strips or graphic novels. Provide them with blank comic book pages or plain paper, and encourage them to create their characters and storylines. This activity is great for building storytelling skills and encouraging imagination. 

Another fun activity is to create winter-themed dioramas. Provide kids with a shoe box or other small box, and encourage them to create a winter scene inside. They can use cotton balls to create snow, pipe cleaners to create trees, and other materials to create their winter wonderland. This activity is great for building spatial awareness and encouraging creativity. 

Finally, remember the classic winter activity of taking a daily winter walk! Encourage kids to get outside and identify seasonal birds, explore winter colors, gather natural materials for art projects, or do a daily outdoor observation journal as the weather changes. MAYBE THEY CAN BUILD A SNOWPERSON!! These activities are great for promoting physical activity and outdoor play, while also encouraging creativity and imagination. 

There are plenty of fun and engaging art activities that can help keep kids entertained and engaged throughout the winter months. Whether it’s creating snowflake art, making winter-themed collages, or building snowmen, these activities are sure to keep kids busy and happy all season long. So get creative, have fun, and enjoy the winter season with your kids!

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