Collaboration is a great way to achieve success, and that is exactly why Arts Bellevue features community partners in its quarterly newsletter. This edition is focused on the good work of Bellevue Harpeth Chamber of Commerce. 

Since 1979, this amazing organization has provided value to its members and the community by offering engaging and dynamic opportunities, promoting local commerce, and serving as a unifying voice for the community across businesses, residents and civic organizations.  And, like Arts Bellevue, they understand the value that the arts bring to a community – especially growth in economic development.  Arts, simply put, are an economic driver.  When people spend money on the arts, there is a definite trickle-down effect that translates to more jobs and more profits for area businesses and residents.

By example, according to a 2015 study done by Metro Nashville Planning Commission, the development, design, and production of for-profit music and nonprofit cultural activities account for $13 billion in economic activity each year – which is 12% of Nashville’s overall economy.  Imagine how much it has grown since 2015!

That may explain why Hattie DeWalt, Executive Director of the Bellevue Harpeth Chamber of Commerce, has called upon Arts Bellevue for numerous collaborations that support the arts and economic development.  Such partnerships include The Bellevue Picnic, “Women in the Vue,” holiday celebrations, and ribbon cuttings for new business that open.  Additionally, the Chamber appoints one member to Arts Bellevue’s Board of Directors.

When DeWalt moved to Bellevue in 1990, one of the things that struck her was the broad array of educational, cultural, historical and progressive events that were all around, but she had to go into Nashville to take advantage of them. Not anymore.  Thanks to not only Arts Bellevue but to multiple civic groups, enviable public schools, a library, park, Community Center, Ford Ice, youth sports programs, and a growing number of businesses, our population and economy continue to grow and thrive. 

“Arts Bellevue is a cornerstone of the community,” says DeWalt, “that offers a rich dimension to Bellevue.  Thanks to them, we are fortunate to have access to a broad array of performance and visual arts geared to our own diverse demographic spectrum.  Consistently, Arts Bellevue is a willing and dependable partner in collaboration with local business, civic organizations and residents. The organization’s presence and impact has become a vital tenet for a thriving community.”

But they don’t stop with the arts. DeWalt says that the organization serves to represent and advocate on behalf of all its members and the business community at large. “We are called to promote a strong local economy and pro-growth business climate. We deliver programs and create environments for our members to help them flourish through networking, the presentation of viable resources, and by creating opportunities to build beneficial relationships.”

Dewalt feels the most important partners are actually businesses and individuals within the community. Becoming a member as a business or local community advocate is the first step to supporting the Bellevue Harpeth Chamber of Commerce.  Many Chamber events are open to the public beyond the body of members so attending programs will keep community members informed and engaged to make the most of where we live and often work. DeWalt says, “Get involved in what resonates with you and most importantly, support local businesses with your patronage and recommendations.”     

While DeWalt’s responsibilities include oversight of all administrative functions, organization and implementation of events, public image, growth and member retention, her personal goal is to respond to every call, message and live encounter in a way that creates a positive impression for members, the Chamber and the community.  “I work collaboratively with our Board of Directors and a cross-section of Bellevue businesses, civic, political and nonprofit organizations.  I realize this may sound a bit saccharine, but I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to showcase this community, promote growth and add a little fun along the way.”

Arts Bellevue remains an active member and partner of the Bellevue Harpeth Chamber of Commerce.  Both have been fortunate enough to engage in numerous successful collaborations. DeWalt believes a shared project transcends individual interest and the value to the community is amplified. “When each organization becomes a stakeholder with a common goal, the end result creates opportunities and enrichment for businesses and residents of Bellevue.” 

DeWalt emphasizes this point saying, “I’ve worked with almost every civic group, and I’ve taken advantage of the perks I just mentioned.  I can honestly say, for my lifestyle, it doesn’t get much better than living right here in Bellevue.  Great food, great people, great opportunities and great “Vue”.

Thanks to all our partners and sponsors for supporting the work and mission of Arts Bellevue.  They make what we do possible.

  • 3D Design Center
  • Ace Hardware
  • Art & Soul
  • BELL Garden
  • Bellevue City Lifestyle
  • Bellevue Community Foundation
  • Bellevue Library
  • Bellevue Harpeth Chamber of Commerce
  • Clarendale at Bellevue Place
  • Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
  • Desano Pizzeria Napoletana
  • Doggie Doos
  • Exchange Club of Bellevue
  • Ford Ice Center
  • Fortuna Italian Steakhouse
  • Gordon Jewish Community Center
  • Hidden Creek Music
  • Hilton Home2Suites
  • Metro Arts Commission
  • Metro Nashville Parks
  • Michael McBride – M&M Studio
  • Mud Puddle Gallery
  • One Bellevue Place
  • Red Spirits & Wine
  • Shimai Gallery
  • Taliafaro, Inc.
  • Tennessee Arts Commission
  • The Nashville Scene
  • The Nashville Photographery
  • Tim Gartland