Catron Wallace, Abstract Artist/Art Instructor

The jeans with the colorful splashes of paint give her away.  It seems that the random color placement is intentional, but the design is not intentional; it is the by-product of being an abstract artist and art instructor.  The paint-spattered jeans are an intriguing visual business card that hint of what to expect when viewing Catron Wallace’s art.   One impression is the way the blaring volume of the bold colors intermingle with the whispers of the softer hues and you think perhaps this is an interpretation of what  is meant by Art Is…A Metaphor.


Art discipline…

I’m an abstract painter.

How long have you been an artist and describe your technique.

I have been a professional abstract painter for 20 years, using a base of acrylic layered with other media.  I use anything I can get my hands on that will create great color and texture, including watercolor, coffee grounds, and sand, but I especially love graphite as I find it brings a burst of energy to the piece. 

When did you realize that you wanted to be an artist?

My use of mixed media and affinity for graphite may stem from the beginnings of my love affair with art as a child, sketching and doodling next to my father while he poured over plans for his air conditioning business.  My father also did perspective painting, and I found inspiration through the multiple images that were possible in his pieces, constantly changing depending on how you looked at them.

What is the inspiration for your abstract art?

In my art, I am constantly striving to advance my skills.  I am always looking for new materials to work with and perfecting my technique.  I tend to have a style, the “Catron Style,” and it gives me great joy to often step back and witness how my work has evolved over the years.  As I paint, my end desire is to create something beautiful for you to display in your home or office.  A piece where each time you walk by, you notice something different than you did before. 

Art for me is an urge, a calling.  I answer the call in order to bring more beauty into the world.  I am an energetic, optimistic person and infuse that into my painting in order to pass it along to others. 

Where has your art been displayed in Nashville?

I’ve had exhibits and installations at Studio 208 as part of the Nashville Art Crawl  and the new 505 Building.  My paintings are also  featured on the exterior street-level windows of the iconic AT&T building in downtown Nashville.  But I’m very happy to say that my art can be found in the homes and offices of private collectors in my home state Mississippi , in Dallas, TX and by collectors all over the southeast. I have gallery representation in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee and Arkansas.

Did you attend art school?

I am entirely self-taught and I always strive to bring my optimism and energetic personality onto the canvas.  I am inspired by allowing myself to become deeply attuned to the natural world and then use music to tune in to that inspiration as I create. 

Do you teach abstract painting?

Yes, I find great joy in sharing my knowledge by teaching abstract painting classes and workshops. I teach at Mud Puddle Pottery Studio in Pegram, a wonderful studio owned by a wonderful artist, Sharon Ingram.  I also hold workshops in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. 

Learn more about Catron and her abstract painting classes and workshops –

Instagram – catronart

Facebook – Catron Wallace Abstract Art




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